As a working woman, it's never before been more important or more difficult for you to get your business image right. With less spare time, increased pressure to look good and greater choice than ever before, it's not surprising if you're struggling with your wardrobe.

The fact is that you aren't alone in this predicament and there are many women facing the same problem daily. Before you try to fix any problem, it's useful to know why it occurred. 

In my book, 'Look Like The Leader You Are - A Seven-Step Strategy For Ambitious Women', I have explored the internal and external factors that contribute to wardrobe struggles. 

External Factors

There are certain things that you just cannot escape in today’s society, which make it harder than ever to get to grips with your wardrobe. Dress codes have changed dramatically and with business wear becoming more casual than ever, there is little guidance on what’s appropriate. Brands have also changed and the old and trusted brands you once relied on may no longer be around anymore.

The explosion of internet shopping has also created new challenges. Although it offers a lot of convenience for busy women if you aren’t sure what you want it can be overwhelming and confusing. The infinite options of clothing items available to you can also cause confusion, making shopping less enjoyable and stressful.

Another external factor that can contribute to your wardrobe struggles is the image-obsessed culture we live in. The media has created an unrealistic ideal of the female body which can cause feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Shopping or finding an outfit is especially hard if you feel that you don’t look good enough.

The speed of life also makes it difficult to keep your style aligned with you as you change, especially when you’re living life in the fast lane.

Internal Factors

Beyond the external pressures that impact your personal style, there are internal factors that can affect your wardrobe too. To start, most women I know feel there is never enough time. It’s easy to drop the ball when it comes to personal style if you’re juggling a high-powered career, perhaps a family and other commitments too.

Another internal factor affecting your wardrobe is your confidence in how you dress. If you aren’t confident about what you like and where to buy it, you’ll be reluctant to try new things or be braver in your choices. Admitting you are out of your depth can be tough and you may feel embarrassed, feeling that you should know how to dress.

If you’ve never had much interest in clothes, trying to take your personal style and image more seriously now can be very challenging.

You can read more about these factors and how to overcome them in my book which is out in June 2018.

Lizzie Edwards is one of Londons best Personal Stylists and Image Consultants for Business Women. Her book 'Look Like The Leader You Are: A Seven-Step Style Strategy For Ambitious Women' is out June 2018.