There is no getting away from it dressing well takes effort, and investment of time and money is required if you want to create an authentic and effortless wardrobe.

To help you to see the value of your investment, it is worth becoming  really clear about why having a great wardrobe and style is important to you, and your career.

If you're an ambitious woman looking to improve your personal style, take some time to reflect on who you are and what you want from your wardrobe. 

Setting Intentions

When setting out on your style journey, it's important to know where you're heading. What ultimately do you want to achieve? By setting a clear intention you'll be more likely to put the effort in and achieve your desired image. 

Think about your intentions in two parts:

  • the wardrobe and image you desire - for example the styles you'd like to own and wear, to the organised wardrobe where everything is easy to find, and fits.
  • the role or career you dream of - for example the promotion or the role you are interviewing for, or the company you'd like to work at

Understanding Why

When I work with my clients one on one, I take them through a seven-step strategy to enable them to achieve the result they seek in their wardrobe. This process starts with self-reflection and part of that reflection is understanding their 'Why?'.

In order to keep you inspired on your style journey, you should be clear on why you are doing it. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you want to achieve with working on your image and wardrobe? - for example a promotion, to have a clear out and start again
  • Why is it important to you? - to make more money to pay school fees, or to feel more confident
  • What will success look like? - no more stress in the mornings, or stop wasting money on items I don't wear.

Knowing your ‘Why?’ is an important step. When you are clearer, you are more likely to make the time for the remaining steps, stay motivated, and move your wardrobe onto a new trajectory. 

Lizzie Edwards is one of Londons best Personal Stylists and Image Consultants for Business Women. Her book 'Look Like The Leader You Are: A Seven Step Style Strategy For Ambitious Women' is due out in April 2018