For some working women, getting dressed and out the house in the morning is one of the most stressful parts of the day. One thing that makes this time even more difficult is a wardrobe that's in disarray.

The role that organisation plays in creating an effortless wardrobe is crucial. Having a well-organised wardrobe can help take away the stress of the morning rush and save you energy to use where it's needed. Here are just a few of my top guidelines for keeping your wardrobe in order.


You're more likely to wear items you can see, so the more of your wardrobe you can hang, the better. Items at the back of your wardrobe or bottom of your drawers are easily neglected or forgotten about. Besides underwear, sleepwear and gym kit, I advise hanging everything, if possible.

If your wardrobe space is limited, but you have a high wardrobe with a high shelf, you can often remove the shelf and add a second rail so you have 2 short rails in one wardrobe.

It's also best to use matching hangers. Doing so will create a much more pleasant experience and your wardrobe will look a whole lot better too. 


The goal is to make your wardrobe as simple and stress-free as possible. The way in which you order your wardrobe is a personal preference and is based on your lifestyle.

If your work wardrobe and casual wardrobe are distinctly different, I would recommend hanging them separately. This will save you time and effort when getting ready for work in the morning.

If there isn't much difference between your professional and casual wear, then rather hang your items in grouped categories such as trousers, tops, jackets, shirts.

I also then advise you to take it a step further and organise by colour flow too, much like new packet of felt tipped pens, this will help you locate items in seconds and has a harmonising effect in your wardrobe.

Lizzie Edwards is one of Londons best Personal Stylists and Image Consultants for Business Women. Her book 'Look Like The Leader You Are: A Seven-Step Style Strategy For Ambitious Women' is out June 2018.