WOW! About last night… Not only was it an epic, nail-biting night for English football, but it was also the party to celebrate the launch of my new book Look Like The Leader You Are; A 7 Step Strategy For Ambitious Women. I am so thrilled that both were such a success!

Preparing for saying a few words and being interviewed before the event got me thinking about why I started writing the book in the first place. Perhaps not surprisingly, the answer is as straightforward as the process I lay out in the book; there was simply nothing out there like it - a book about style for women in the workplace, that had nothing to do with fashion. A book that asks women to identify with themselves, their style and their goals and ensure they were all working in synergy.  A book that guided women through the process of overhauling their image from clear out to checkout, and beyond.

Understanding the importance of how what you wear can impact your confidence, and how you are portrayed to the outside world, is crucial in moving forward in your career. 

Investing in my process is not going to be easy, quick or cheap but it is exactly that – an investment and it is that point of realisation that can be liberating, motivating and overall somewhat life changing.

If you want to read about my process for yourself my book is available now on Amazon here.

Lizzie Edwards is one of London’s leading Personal Stylists and Image Consultants for Business Women.  You can read more about this and other topics, in her new book Look Like The Leader You Are; A 7-Step Style Strategy for Ambitious Women.