Before my sessions with Lizzie I was completely flummoxed about what I should wear. I had recently returned to work following two children, and all of my old work clothes were not only out of date, but also not relevant to my new career. I was also bored of my everyday outfits and needed a real shake up.
In the wardrobe consultation it was such a relief to 'get permission' to get rid of a lot of stuff I had been holding on to - expensive dresses that I felt I should keep, but never wore and previous favourites that I had to admit no longer looked good. It was also a great help to realise that I should hang everything in the closet, and not hide stuff away in drawers where it gets forgotten. Also learning to have all the same hangers has been a huge and unexpected benefit!! I'm sticking with hanging everything up, which has led to me getting rid of many more clothes. I feel much lighter that I no longer have clothes I "feel" I should wear.
The personal shopping session was really good, if exhausting! I was not at all nervous as I felt very supported, never self conscious, and so really enjoyed the day. I appreciated getting taken to shops I didn't normally go to, and feel like I have a lot more choice now in future shopping. I found I CAN wear skinny jeans! And they look better than my bootcut! Now I definitely feel more inclined to just try new things on, even if I don't think they'll suit.
I went to a very fashionable wedding soon after the shopping session, and for the first time in years, actually felt fashionable myself. I had loads of compliments on my dress and shoes, both of which - and this is the most key -  I was extremely comfortable wearing!
As a result of working with Lizzie I have unexpectedly discovered that I am, in mentality, a minimalist!  I have gotten rid of about 1/3 of the stuff in the house and I am determined to get rid of much much more. My husband is beyond thrilled that I have, simply by doing Lizzie's preparation assignment  and looking at my wardrobe, had a road to damascus experience regarding clutter. I can genuinely say that it has changed my life.