I started to notice that my wardrobe was bulging with stuff that I hardly wore, and that my impulse shopping was a bit out of control. I have also lost some weight recently and wanted to get some new looks to reflect my improved confidence. It got me thinking about how useful it would be for me to hire a professional to objectively help me declutter and to give me some informed direction about my personal style. 

The sessions with Lizzie were fun, interesting and very helpful. During the wardrobe assessment, she helped me to understand why I was dissatisfied with my current wardrobe, suggested what was missing and what new things I could try.

We analysed my current shopping habits, and discussed the challenges of updating my look as I moved out of my twenties, and becoming an independent professional. She also assessed what colours worked best for me. Throughout this process I felt very comfortable and able to be honest, as I found Lizzie to be straight-talking but supportive, knowledgeable and engaging. I appreciated her insight, expertise and eye for style. 

During the shopping trip, Lizzie was well-prepared and focused on helping me address the issues we had identified in our earlier time together. Again it was a very enjoyable and positive experience to have an expert on hand to give direction, guide my choices and give frank feedback. Ultimately the only thing that held us back was the weight of shopping bags that we had accumulated! 

Over a month after our shopping trip, I am really happy with the more versatile and stylish wardrobe that I now have. Choosing an outfit in the morning is so much easier, and I feel much more confident in my choices.

I have been much more focused and mindful in my purchases since then, so believe that Lizzie's advice has sunk in and I will ultimately save money from not continuing to make bad wasteful choices. 

I saw engaging with Lizzie as a worthwhile investment in myself, and definitely feel that we met the goals that I started out with, and a few more besides.

I would certainly recommend Lizzie to anyone facing similar challenges, and look forward to working with her again myself, next time I feel like a refresh. Thank you Lizzie!