We’ve all had those days when we’ve opened up our wardrobe and felt unhappy about nearly everything in there.

For some of us it’s just a once-in-a-while occurrence, but for others, it’s more chronic than that. Do you wake up in the morning and resent getting ready and putting together an outfit? Perhaps there have been times when you have felt discouraged from attending a social event, simply because you feel that you have nothing to wear. 

The feeling of being held back by your wardrobe can be extremely frustrating, but work out what about it is making you feel this way? 

There are many different reasons why a person might be feeling negatively towards their wardrobes. If you can figure out what's causing the discouragement, you can easily fix the problem.

Here are 9 ways you may be feeling discouraged about your wardrobe. 

1. You look at your wardrobe and see all the clothes that still have tags on them. You mentally calculate all the money you’ve spent on things you’ve never worn and you feel sick to your stomach. Let them go! Clear them out if you are not wearing them and know you won't do in the future. If this is you, take a look at my Tips for Successful Shopping.

2. You’re planning to wear something to a special occasion. You go to try it on and it doesn’t fit. You hastily look for alternatives and now you’re in a panic: you can’t find anything to wear and you don’t have time to shop for something new. You need to buy a few new items that fit you as you are today, even if you don't want to accept it. If you can relate to this, have a look at my previous post on Ignoring the Size on The Label.

3. You’re sure you’ve bought a simple top that would be perfect to wear with your patterned skirt or trousers, only you can’t find it. You rifle through your hangers; you look on the floor of your wardrobe; at the back of your drawers. You can’t see what you know you have, and it’s beginning to drive you crazy. Perhaps you aren't keeping your wardrobe organised.

4. Your teenage daughter is borrowing your clothes and not giving them back. Is this a mother-daughter issue, or could it be that you don’t have age-appropriate clothes? Maybe it's time to look at the items you are wearing and check the message they send and that they are suitable.

5. You choose clothes and get dressed feeling ok, but when you join your friends you feel underdressed and a bit embarrassed. You wonder why you just don’t seem to get it right anymore. Its time to go through your wardrobe and see where you have big gaps, and shop specifically to fill them with focus.

8. You’re not great at taking care of your wardrobe, and there’s a number of items that require some care and attention; de-bobbling, alterations, dry cleaning and simple mending. You have great things you could be wearing but they remain un-wearable and collecting dust in the wardrobe ‘to-do’ pile. Take an hour to run errands to the dry cleaner and alterations place, and get de bobbling your jumpers.

9. Your wardrobe just seems all wrong. You could pack it up and give it to someone else because nothing in your closet is “you” anymore. If this is you, take a look at some Quick and Easy Ways to Update Your Look. 

Can you relate?  Are any of these problems your problem? There is a simple fix for all of them – me! If you’d like to feel organised, clear about your style, and open your wardrobe to clothes that you love wearing and feeling happy about what you put on, I can help.

Get in touch and we can discuss what’s going on and then I’ll share with you the first steps towards a solution. I can’t wait to help!

Lizzie Edwards is a personal stylist and image consultant for men and women, based in London, UK.