I make no secret of my love for Uniqlo’s cold weather solutions!

Once the colder weather arrives I bang on about them to anyone who will listen, especially my clients who find themselves at the mercy of ultra cold aircon in the office or with a commute that takes them from cold train platforms and onto hot crowded tube carriages on one journey.

Start your preparation for the colder months by stocking up with their range of innerwear, which is called HEATTECH. They are basically thermals that can be seen if they need to be.

The technology, provides extra warmth in a lightweight, breathable design so you can wear it without any bulk under dresses and blouses, and so you can forego the need for a cardigan or jumper over the top. They have a full selection of styles of tops with crew, turtle and ballet necklines and pairs of insulating leggings, socks or tights.

My second must have in their range is for adding an extra layer under a coat or jacket with their Ultra-Light Down jackets; feather-light, water repellent, and compact insulation.

The collarless items are my ‘must-have’ pieces, and are ideal for layering under a trench coat or thinner wool coat in transitional seasons or for the commute.

Best of all, when you start to over heat, you remove the layer and can pack it away into the small carry pouch that it comes with and put it in your handbag. It packs that small!

Just like having a small umbrella in your bag, ready ‘just incase’, as the season changes and the temperature is unsettled, you can keep your Ultra-Light Down item with you so you’re always warm, whatever the weather.

And my final favourite must have item is their cashmere roll neck jumpers. They have a range of colours, and I honestly think that once you’ve worn cashmere there is no going back to regular wool. Uniqlo’s pricing means that cashmere no longer needs to be a luxury item and even if you have a plain jumper just for sitting around in and watching TV, or walking the dog why not have a lovely soft one?

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Lizzie Edwards is one of London’s leading Personal Stylists and Image Consultants for Women, enabling them to show up to life, and author of 'Look Like The Leader You Are; A 7-Step Style Strategy for Ambitious Women'.