Here comes the change of season! Are you ready?

We've had a bout of really gorgeous weather the last few days, and though at this time of year it can go hot and cold in one day, now it’s certainly time to be getting ready for the approaching spring/summer season.

Many people have very little wardrobe space, and therefore I recommend you put away out of season clothes, either in vacuum bags or in another wardrobe.

Now as we approach the new season it's a good time to take care of the items you’ll be packing away, and the items you haven’t worn for a while.


Here’s a to-do list for what to do before packing away your winter clothes

1. Inspect your boots. Have them resoled if they need doing so they’ll be ready when you need them in the autumn.

2. Dry clean your heavier items you won’t be wearing for a while; Dresses, trousers, wool jumpers, coats, jackets, and scarves. Check for moth holes. If there’s too much damage, get rid of the item. If it’s repairable and you love it, get it mended before storing.  

3. Check coats for missing or broken buttons and scuffed or soiled sleeves before putting away until autumn.


Getting ready to wear your spring and summer wardrobe

1. Dig out and check any lighter coloured or lighter weight 'spring/summer' handbags. Do they need cleaning or mending. Consider re-dying any that are marked or stained but otherwise is good shape.

2. Go through your sunglasses. What’s out-of-style, broken or in need of an updated prescription? If your sunglasses feel uninspiring, start looking around for a possible new style you'd like to wear this season.

3. When pulling out your summer shoes or sandals, take a close look before putting them on shelves, in boxes or baskets. Are they over-worn, never worn, or have broken parts? It is best to let go of the over worn pairs. Any that turned out to be uncomfortable, let go of and replace them now at the beginning of the season, when the shops still have plenty of choice.

4. Go through your jewellery box and look for what needs cleaning or repairing. Polishing your jewellery will make it look new again. Do you have a bracelet that needs a new clasp? Do you have a necklace that needs to be restrung? Do you have a watch that needs a new battery? Do you have pieces you never wear and will never wear. Let them go.

5. Reassess your underwear. Has the elastic worn out of bras or knickers? Are they grey from over washing? Are you in need of a new size?  And most important in my book, do you have a seam free nude bra? If not, now is the time to go and get re measured and buy one!

If you know this is an exercise you need to do, but cant bear the thought of undertaking it on your own, all our style packages start with a wardrobe review session, where we clear out the old to make way for the new. Let us help you transition your wardrobe into the new season. Book a call in here or find out more here.


Lizzie Edwards is the owner of Lizzie Edwards Style Consultancy, one of London’s leading Personal Stylists and Image Consultants for Women in business and author of 'Look Like The Leader You Are; A 7-Step Style Strategy for Ambitious Women’