July is here so I thought I’d share some tips on how to travel both in style and comfort. Travelling from one destination to another can be tricky – especially if you’re changing climates.

I’m sure many of you are going to be escaping the UK this summer and soaking up some rays on a lovely warm beach somewhere. If you’re leaving early in the morning, chances are it’s going to be quite chilly and you’ll need to be dressed warmly enough to brave a slight chill as you head off. You’re also likely to then arrive at your holiday destination when the sun is out and your outfit would need to be much cooler.

This should be a relaxing and stress-free time – with no wardrobe worries! Here are a few tips for working out what to wear when you're travelling:

1. A Big Scarf
Even if it’s hot when you leave the UK, planes can get very cold during flights, or if you’re travelling by train or coach, the air con can sometimes be on full blast! Keeping a big scarf on hand will help you avoid being cold on the plane. It can also easily cover your lap if your legs are cold, or be folded up to make a pillow if you fancy a snooze.

2. Layering
Leggings are always a good item to wear underneath skirts or dresses. They can easily be slipped off when you arrive at your destination when you're headed to a warm place. Another layering idea is a vest under a long sleeve T-shirt or lightweight jumper, with a denim jacket on top. You will be warm enough at Gatwick at 6 am and able to be in a cooler outfit when you touch down without needing to completely change.

3. Moisturiser
Always ensure you put a rich moisturiser on your face and hands before you travel. Air travel can really dry out your skin! With the added stress that travel can cause, it is important to give your skin the hydration it needs to keep yourself looking fresh. As small spritz bottle filled with your toner is also a great way to keep cool.

4. Makeup
Continuing the point above, if you want to wear makeup, keep it simple. Your skin will be up against dry conditions and stressful situations. Simple makeup like a tinted moisturiser and some mascara will do the trick. You don’t want to walk off the plane with eyeshadow out of place and not looking fresh. Eyelash extensions are great for holidays, as you can leave the mascara at home.

4. T-shirt dresses
These are one of my favourite items to travel in. They're easy to throw on as a layer, comfortable to wear and look great. Try to find a t-shirt dress that is long enough to wear with or without tights/leggings.

5. Comfortable shoes
Go for flats when travelling. Rushing to catch a plane, carting luggage or standing in queues won’t be fun in heels or platform shoes. Rather stick to a stylish and comfortable pair of flats that your feet will be happy in for as long as your journey. My favourites are my TOMS.

6. Simple jewellery
Think about the journey you’ll be taking. If you’re headed to the airport, keep in mind that you’ll need to remove bigger jewellery, belts and shoes when walking through security points. This is where you’ll want to have simple jewellery on so you aren’t fiddling around. 

There you have it! some simple tips to help make your holiday travelling as comfortable as possible. Bon Voyage!

Lizzie Edwards is the leading personal stylist and image consultant in London, working with women over thirty-five on their business image and personal brand.