My book has been out for a couple of months now, and from the number of Five Star reviews on Amazon, I am delighted to read people are not only enjoying it, which is of course lovely to know – but more importantly readers are finding it useful.

One intention of writing this book was to highlight that your image affects your career progression, and needs to be considered whether you are interested in fashion and shopping or not.  Being aware of brands and trends is a benefit, but clothes are not actually the core theme of this book - even though it's a style strategy! It is a manual aimed at those who are actually not that interested in clothes at all, and don't know where to start.

Of course, when updating your image the time comes where you need to enter a shop and purchase items. But by doing the preceding steps, and researching before you shop, the 'browsing aimlessly around stores for hours hoping something will jump out at you' part of shopping that you hate, will not be an issue anymore.

Once you have reflected on yourself and your goals, completed a review of your wardrobe, researched where to buy and what size you will need, the replenish stage – i.e. the ‘shopping’ day, becomes nothing more than a systematic, necessary step in the process and the 'I hate shopping' excuse becomes well and truly redundant. 

If you feel your image is limiting your opportunities in the workplace, or even in your personal life, and feel you are in need of a style overhaul but don'tknow where to begin, my book Look Like The Leader You Are; A 7 Step Style Strategy For Ambitious Women will serve as your guide.

Lizzie Edwards is one of London’s leading Personal Stylists and Image Consultants for Business Women.  You can read more about this and other topics, in her new book Look Like The Leader You Are; A 7-Step Style Strategy for Ambitious Women.