After having two children, I returned to work realising that my body had changed and that I wanted to dress myself appropriately for my role.  I had always wanted to give myself a style upgrade but never had the excuse for it.  Since I wanted to change and update my clothes anyway, this was the perfect reason for me to choose to do it right.
I wanted to ensure that I make a specific impression professionally.  Having a new body shape and historically being very conservative and boring in my dressing, I was concerned about falling into the same clothing traps and making costly mistakes trying to incorporate a style into my wardrobe mix.

Lizzie was easy to work with and  very focused.  The wardrobe review was really helpful because she explained why certain things worked and did not work and how to work around it.  
Afterwards, we did a personal shopping session. She knows the stores and just makes it less intimidating. I was amazed at what she choose and encouraged me to try on.  It was outside my comfort zone and once I got past that, I was really pleased - the looks were still me, but just better.  I found out I was wearing jeans about 4 sizes too large for me!  I  also ended up being a dress size smaller and looking fabulous in dresses I would never have been brave enough to choose for myself.  
Lizzie understood my needs, gently managed my expectations, and explained the hows and whys of dressing.  I am not only a reluctant shopper, I demand things to be comfortable as well - and everything we found that fitted the bill.  It was the most efficient, productive & stress free shopping trip EVER!  It is great support to have a personal shopper helping you - you are more willing to try new things, braver and less intimidated.  As I was trying on clothes that fitted properly and flattered, I began feeling more sexy and beautiful. It's a high - but it lasts.  The weeks afterwards, my stress about dressing properly has decreased, my confidence in my presentation has increased and my overall self image has been refined into the woman I want to be.  I was kicking myself for not having done this MUCH sooner.
I now have a more focused set of clothes to wear to work. I have less crap in my drawers and a much more organised closet with more options to create styles.   I've received plenty more compliments from colleagues at work, and friends out and about.  And more importantly - subtle changed in the way colleagues interact with me. When shopping now, I am a bit more brave and willing to look at different designers.   

I would definitely recommend Lizzie. Everyone needs a fresh set of eyes and honest opinions about how they look.  We tend to stick to the styles we like and get stuck in ruts. The sessions with her were great value. My personal self image is very important and this was an investment in it and has paid me back in spades.  I have a wardrobe which will last me for years professionally and I can build on it more and more.  I know how NOT to make costly fashion mistakes.  And my time is valuable - so getting the most out of shopping time with the least amount of stress - that works for me.