I contacted Lizzie mainly due to my lack of time as I have two teenage kids, and I work very long hours. 

Over the years, my confidence has gradually been eroded - I suffer from the fear of looking too middle-aged about as much as I worry about the perennial 'mutton dressed as lamb'...

I work in a creative industry which means people are relatively relaxed about the way they dress, but image is also important - and I think I'd coped with wardrobe stresses by not really trying very hard.  Jeans and flip-flops were just a bit too comfortable.... I came to realise that my age and position could no longer afford to be so laissez-faire!

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.  Lizzie is great at making you feel at ease (and not judged!) and fun to be with.

During the wardrobe review I ended up getting rid of a load of clothes - but it felt entirely cathartic.  I have not regretted a single charity drop. 

I have always enjoyed clothes and shopping - but having someone else giving you their professional approval makes you wear things in an entirely different way. Lizzie encouraged me to wear more fitted clothes - I think I have always chosen loose fitting things. 

It’s a great feeling seeing a more confident 'you' come together. I don't feel like a different person - just a chic-er version! 

As a result I feel more confident and more powerful in the office. I think women have to work harder to get the same recognition as their male counterparts at work.  

Using smart clothes as a way to boost performance is a no-brainer and the compliments have been really flattering so the new silhouette is clearly working!
I feel the sessions were definitely good value - I have tips I can use for life, and I would definitely recommend Lizzie.