I've always found it really challenging to dress 'business casual'. I feel it's harder for women, especially at an executive level where you have to enter the boardroom, to look credible, yet be approachable to your team. Add in an international factor and the challenge of what to wear becomes daunting. 

As a self declared geek, fashion has never been top of mind. I was starting a new job in the fashion industry and felt it was time to embrace the enemy and revamp my wardrobe!

The thought of reviewing my wardrobe with a professional was scary!  Lizzie's approach was friendly but frank.  It was refreshing to work with someone who not only said why (or why not) my existing clothes worked, and then explained her rationale. It was incredibly helpful and educational.  Just watching Lizzie rehang my clothes was inspiring - it made me realise just how poorly I had been looking after them!

Honestly, I find shopping a real hassle - you could say I hate it. I was pretty much starting from scratch, and I was not looking forward to a day spent trying on clothes. I had so much to buy that we spent two days shopping, but having someone work out where to shop, select clothes and then help determine whether something was worth buying or not was fantastic. The whole experience was so much more productive than any shopping I've done in the past.

Overall I feel more confident in putting outfits together and I now have a clear sense of what works and what doesn't. Better than that I have no need to go shopping... well at least until next season when I hope Lizzie will be free once again! 

It's going to sound ridiculous, but now that I have clothes I like I actually look after them better.  My wardrobe remains tidy and I can find clothes easily.  I don't have the sense of dread of trying to decide what to wear to an important meeting, to drinks at the neighbours, or to bookclub! 

I would absolutely recommend Lizzie's services.  Whilst it may appear to be an extravagance, the value of a wardrobe that works for you, the time saved by shopping with someone who knows the market, and in the long run the money saved from not buying clothes that don't work well or that one never wears makes it one of the best investments I've made in myself.