When I contacted Lizzie I  was not confident in my clothing choices, and felt as though I was dressing in a prematurely old way and failing to make the best of myself.
The wardrobe review was excellent. Lizzie was really honest (politely and tactfully so!) and I learnt a lot about my own body shape and colouring. Lizzie advised on alterations to some pieces that we kept, and now having had those changes made it has proved to be excellent advice. The session also really helped me to better understand the choices I had been making habitually, why I was not happy, and because it involved a review of the way clothes fit and hang on me it has helped me to  make better, more flattering choices.
The personal shopping session was exactly what I had hoped for, and Lizzie’s eye for colour and fit completely opened my eyes to shopping and to what works for me. Because I had combined it with the wardrobe session she was able to work with and add to it, so I was presented with many more options afterwards.
Now I'm infinitely more confident in knowing what flatters, what doesn’t, and confident each morning when I am getting dressed. I feel stylish and appropriate whatever the occasion I am dressing for (which most of the time is simply the office or school run, where it is so lovely to feel well put together!).
Lizzie has a natural gift for communication and put me at my ease immediately.  Anything to do with shopping, clothes, or style had the capacity to make me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, as I didn’t feel that I was getting anything right. But I have never felt a moment of that in any of the sessions I have undertaken with Lizzie. She’s so engaged about the subject and has such a lovely, natural manner that it’s impossible not to engage with her about it and to make progress.
The other thing that Lizzie has an absolute talent for is understanding and bringing out your own inherent style and best-dressed self. She never forces you in a direction you don’t like, don’t identify with or that would be in any way “not you”. She has always listened carefully to the things that are important to me about clothes, has carefully observed the tastes I showed in my own original wardrobe choices and simply worked with those to show me how to make better choices by paying attention to certain details which help me do so flatteringly and stylishly.
The most significant results have been experiencing less stress when shopping,  confidence in dressing, and receiving compliments. I have noticed that many of my colleagues and the Mums at school compliment me on how I look, ask whether I’ve done something different and ask where I bought things – this was not the situation prior to seeing Lizzie