I contacted Lizzie as I had been promoted to the Executive Committee at a large UK bank. I wanted to look more corporate, and for my clothes to help with signalling my new status.

My wardrobe was in a real rut.  I was wearing things which made me look more middle aged than I am, and I wanted to become modern whilst not overdoing it.

I found the wardrobe and style session quite liberating.  We literally took my wardrobe apart and consigned about 3/4 of it to the charity shop pile.  Lizzie helped me be quite decisive. 

The result was identification of some obvious gaps: more dresses, jackets and some work trousers.

Lizzie also has a very good eye and can instantly visualise whether an item has potential or not. I liked the way she suggested shortening sleeves, for example, or teaming an item with something new.  

The shopping session was very purposeful. She had done some careful preparation after the wardrobe session and knew which stores we were heading to for the look we were seeking. It was all executed very deftly and I felt in very safe hands.

My wardrobe is rejuvenated!  I feel very confident that my new look is sending the right signals at work and I have received a number of compliments about my workwear, including from my boss whom GQ recently dubbed the 5th best dressed man in Britain.  Praise indeed!

I have bought a number of additional items in the sale - knowing my size and what shapes would suit me meant I could order with confidence.  

Lizzie provided just the right intervention at the right point.  She is a consummate professional and has just the right mixture of assertiveness, self confidence and best friend type advice. 
She feels like a critical friend: someone who is doing their utmost to provide good advice in a kindly way, but she isn't at all pushy.

I really loved working with Lizzie and I have already recommended her to other colleagues, one of who has already got a session lined up.  I will definitely work with her again.  My casual wardrobe needs attention and so will my winter workwear!