I always had trouble identifying items that would suit my body structure. I also used to spend a lot of money buying clothes that were unsuitable and which I would end up not wearing. I was always confused in stores, unsure of what was best for me.

Now I am confident about what I want and what will look nice on me.  I only buy items when I am 100% certain I look stunning in them.

The wardrobe session was enlightening and fun! It was such a relief to see how a wardrobe with  piles of clothes can transform into a tidy, organised space. I now feel relieved and I have learned to manage my wardrobe more efficiently.

I have had 2 sessions with Lizzie and they both were a valuable experience.  Her professionalism in combination with her laid back approach make the wardrobe session a learning experience. 

Lizzie has a gift in understanding both the body and the personality and her choices are always wise. I now try to look at clothing  items through her eyes, and it actually works: I don't buy anything that does not suit my personality and style anymore!

The 3 most significant results have been saving time, saving money, and getting compliments!

I have stopped impulse buying and only buy things I know suit me, and have saved a fortune!