I contacted Lizzie as I was starting a new job, and had an outdated wardrobe.

I needed to walk into my new job with complete confidence that I was looking the part, because I knew it would help me feel the part.

I loved clearing out my wardrobe and reorganising it – it was very cathartic and I felt relieved and satisfied after we’d finished. But of course I also loved going shopping with someone who knew exactly how to put together a wardrobe, and was excited and looking forward to wearing my new clothes.

As a result of our sessions I have an entirely new wardrobe for work, combined with a much better idea of how to dress for my role in order to project the image that I want to portray.

Lizzie has helped me to think differently about colours and accessories, so I’m getting much more experimental and having more fun with my clothes.

I love thinking about what to wear the night before, and knowing that I’ll feel great once I’ve put it together. My only sadness is that I wasn’t able to spend more to expand my wardrobe further. 

I have received lots of compliments on my new clothes. A number of people can’t believe that some of my purchases weren’t entirely bespoke.

I would absolutely recommend Lizzie. It’s a great investment, and it gives you so much confidence.