I needed a professional wardrobe that would allow me to feel smart and confident with my corporate clients, but not suited and booted.  I also needed to bring a bit of creative expression when dealing with my agency and tech clients.  And, I wanted a casual "uniform" that took the stress out of choosing outfits for different occasions. Quite a big ask!

I first saw Lizzie's blogs online and thought someone who could write about Chanel coats and Clarks shoes in the same paragraph was a person on my wavelength! Turning 40 and wanting to expand my business, I wanted to refresh my look.

The wardrobe review was fun. Lizzie suggested outfit combinations that I'd never considered before, and showed me how to layer clothes in a way that made me feel super chic. Before we'd even gone shopping, I felt like my wardrobe had expanded hugely!

The day with Lizzie was great.  She was like a heat seeking missile in shops, short cutting all the depressing wandering around that I used to do on my own.  She knew which styles and colours would suit me and was nicely direct if the odd thing didn't look right.  

Lizzie got me to buy staples that make a whole wardrobe hang together, as well as the more statement pieces.  Having been more of a magpie in the past, this was really important for me to learn.

I now have a complete no-brainer wardrobe which I love.  I have an outfit for every occasion (chic trouser suit for corporate meetings, shirts and knits for more casual clients, the perfect party dress that I've worn to death, nice tops to wear with jeans for drinks with the girls....I could go on). It's just so easy to look good these days.

I feel chicer, more fashionable, and more confident.  In fact I finally feel like that chic woman in the office who always looks "put-together"!

The day after seeing Lizzie I had a new outfit on and ended up being late for work because I was stopped by so many mums on the school run complimenting me!  Rarely a day goes by these days without someone commenting positively about something I'm wearing.  It's crazy!

I also haven't been tempted to buy anything without first thinking about what it will go with and how I will wear it.  As I keep telling my husband, Lizzie's actually helped me save money because I'm buying less :)