I was not getting the best use out of my wardrobe and felt I would benefit from some help in making the best out of the clothes I already had. I needed a wardrobe that could easily move from smart casual, to smart, to potentially evening out.

The wardrobe review session was fabulous - Lizzie had great tips about style and how to make things work together, and also about Executive Presence and the impact I wanted to create at work. She did some "wardrobe coaching" which as a result had my wardrobe neatly organised, very user friendly, and ridden of the stuff that was creating clutter but no value.

The shopping was fun (which is not an easy feat in my case), and very efficient, and she also followed up with links regarding things we did not find on the day out which was very useful.

I now have more wardrobe confidence and ease of use, which I highly appreciate as getting ready in the morning is much much easier now!

I feel more confident and at the same time more adventurous in combining things I already have. I feel very clear in what pieces i'd like to invest to make my wardrobe work even better, and what I do not need to shop for, although I might be tempted. 

I would highly recommend Lizzie as she has love, passion and deep knowledge and understanding of personal style. Her biggest talent and expertise, I believe, is in helping you bring your style from the inside out, which is very rare in the world where fashion and style rules are very easily imposed from the outside and without any consideration of the person at hand. 

It was a truly fun and rewarding experience. I highly recommend it.