Having recently turned 40 I wanted to step in to my new decade with confidence. Updating my wardrobe was a way to celebrate where I had got to in my life rather than stressing about getting older!

I'd always found smart/casual dressing a challenge and wanted some advice on how to dress for those types of occasion without feeling either over or under-dressed. I wanted to achieve a look that was age-appropriate without being frumpy, more polished and sophisticated to reflect not just my age, but the position I'd reached in my career.

The wardrobe and style review session was incredibly helpful. We weeded out all of the items that were past their best, tired or no longer appropriate; and to let them go was refreshing. This also helped me get more clarity about the look I wanted to achieve. I had some good pieces that I wasn't using because they didn't fit well or because I wasn't sure how best to incorporate them into an outfit; by getting these tailored and/or wearing them in different ways they've now become go-to items. At a more basic level we reorganised the clothes so that I have a clear view of what is in my wardrobe rather than having to spend time in the morning rummaging about!

The shopping sessions were very exciting! At each session I arrived to find a rail of ideas already picked out with some fabulous styles and colours.  Lizzie gave very honest advice about what did and did not work whilst listening to my feelings about which items felt like 'me'. It was a very collaborative process and this gave me the confidence to push my boundaries and explore looks I wouldn't have previously considered. Lizzie also gave me advice on where to find underwear, shoes and other items to fill any gaps.

In my case the result was a total wardrobe make-over that left me feeling excited about getting dressed in the morning again! I completed my sessions with an amazing new set of clothes and shoes that I was genuinely excited to wear. Dressing has got so much easier and I feel I've really found a look that reflects who I am now. I have more confidence and this has led to other positive changes in my life. 

One thing I really learned was not to reject something because it didn't fit exactly; that paying for tailoring I could create a great fit. As soon as I started wearing the new pieces I got lots of compliments which was a real confidence boost. I also feel confident doing my own shopping now.

The biggest change is that I decided to change my career and am now planning starting my own business!

I would definitely recommend Lizzie's services. She is honest, a really friendly person to work with, has great ideas and was very patient.

Having clothes you love and feel great in is one of life's pleasures. I am so happy I made the investment and will definitely do so again when I need my next update.