I had bought Lizzie's book some time ago and read it on holiday after I had accepted a new role with one of the Big four. With a company change, it was a good time for me to reconnect with my passions and consider how I could enhance my personal brand which includes my dress code.

My previous firm had a strong corporate look which was heavily Financial Services and I felt that I was playing it safe with relying on one high end brand which did not represent my true personality.  

I wanted to go into my new role with gravitas and feeling confident. To do this, I needed a wardrobe that was professional and enhanced my personality.  

It was also important to me that I would enjoy the process of getting ready in the morning and find it easy to select a great outfit to start my day on the right footing.

The wardrobe review was invaluable to help me know what I was already getting 'right' and where I had gaps. This really focused the shopping trip to build on and challenge me to try new brands and styles in a work setting. I don't spend a lot of time shopping and Lizzie's preparation process helped me think about what styles I liked. I liked the fact that Lizzie had thought ahead and had some examples for me to try - a real time saver and also helped hone my preferred style.

I changed gears for the follow up half day to focus on my non-work wardrobe and got some great clothes that I love wearing at the weekends and have a much better idea of what suits me as this stage and my current age. I feel confident going into my 50's now…

It was great to have someone who was objective and honest to help me hone my style and also to help me be braver and push my style boundaries. I wanted to project a more forward looking and innovative image and Lizzie really helped me do that.

As a result, I now have a wider range of brands that I know suit me. I also have a blend of formality in my wardrobe and in my new firm that has worked out really well for me. I now have a more authentic look than my previous 'very formal corporate look'.

I was prepared to invest in myself to get a great wardrobe of clothes and I think it is a more cost effective way to shop - my cost per wear is very low because I've invested well and love wearing everything in my wardrobe. People have commented on my clothes in my new company and role which I'm delighted about.

Talking about your image is quite personal and I found Lizzie very supportive and understanding. I feel confident, strong and well put together.

Professional women invest in coaching to support their development and progress their career. I see Lizzie as a great 'Image' coach and view her as part of my support network and will continue to work with Lizzie so I can update my look through the seasons.

Great experience! So glad I did it....!