Despite having 2 wardrobes rammed full of clothes, I kept finding myself with nothing to wear. My workwear style hadn't changed in 10 years and my personal wardrobe was shabby, outdated and cheap. I had completely lost all shopping and style confidence!

The wardrobe session was so cathartic. Just getting rid of things I hadn't worn in ages and organising what was left sounds like such a simple task, but it really helped having Lizzie there to work through the whole thing with me. The difference it has made to choosing an outfit every day is unbelievable - I now find myself weighing up multiple options rather than struggling to put together something vaguely cohesive!

The personal shopping session was fun. It's particularly helpful to be able to see how different options go together to help choose what to buy. The clothes I've had the most compliments on are also the ones where Lizzie encouraged me out of my comfort zone a little.

My wardrobe has been transformed. Even some of my favourite old clothes I thought I'd never stop wearing don't get much of a look-in these days.

I've definitely got some of my shopping mojo back and have found myself much more able to buy up the odd thing here and there, because I have a much better foundation to build on.    

I've never been keen on ironing and that has limited my options. Lizzie recommended I invest in a small clothes steamer, which is so much easier and quicker!  Everything looks so much better - it has been a complete revelation! 

In the last couple of months I've successfully navigated a number of important work trips and 2 separate holidays with ease, as the result of our sessions.

I'd definitely recommend sessions with Lizzie - if the clothes themselves don't give you renewed confidence, the compliments you get from others will!