I had a closet full of clothes, yet was always wearing the same tired black outfit. I wanted to have the clothes in my closet translated into outfits, and to stop buying things that were not usable or didn't fit my style.

I loved the initial wardrobe and style review session. Suddenly my closet was full of possibilities and fun clothes to wear, even before going shopping!

Shopping was fun, short and to the point. No more endless walking around, wondering about sizes and suitability. I had someone with me who was objective, honest and had only one objective in mind: to get me looking my best on all occasions.

The outfit building sessions have been very useful and I particularly love the fact that I now have photos of my “outfits” and I can put them together in a flash.

As a result of our sessions together I now have a full, fun and working wardrobe that can take me anywhere easily. I travel a lot and packing is so much easier.

People are commenting on my clothes, but more importantly I feel more confident and have more fun getting dressed.

It is not about buying expensive clothes. It is about using all the clothes you have in a beautiful and creative way and adding what you need so that you feel fashionable, chic, and appropriately dressed at all times.

I would absolutely recommend it! Working with Lizzie is an absolute joy.

Thank you Lizzie!