I had a growing dissatisfaction with my wardrobe and how I looked, was fed up with the constant stress of not knowing what to wear, and frustrated with not knowing what to buy to correct the situation! I ignored the situation for so long so I had lost my way and was very out of touch. As a result I had a rather bewildering collection of clothes that neither flattered or made much sense as a collective.  I wanted to find my style and understand what colours, cuts and looks suited me.

The sessions were nothing short of transformative.  It was the most liberating and enlightening experience. I was able to see, under Lizzie’s expert and respectful approach, where I was going wrong, what did and didn’t suit me, and, miraculously, that my hangups about my body were more to do with my choice of clothes than reality!  A revelation.

Lizzie has a magic formula that provides a positive and supportive intervention which is encouraging not criticising, teaching not dictating. The overall result is a learning experience where you find out what suits you AND what you will enjoy wearing.  Together we chose many fabulous things that not only looked fantastic but they were just the types of clothes I knew I would enjoy putting on every day.  

It is like a weight has lifted.  Opening my wardrobe and deciding what to wear, whether it be for work, an evening out with my partner, a visit to the school, or a trip into town to meet a friend for lunch, is no longer the stress fuelled, anxiety making experience that I dreaded on a daily basis. The process of deciding what to wear is now on a spectrum ranging from I don’t even have to think about it (bliss) to being an absolute pleasure.  

Now I feel at the same time both restored and like a new me.  The experience really woke me up to myself and it is as though some of the old me has been revived but a new me has emerged too.

Since the sessions I have received so many comments.  Some have been specific, e.g., “what a fabulous coat and so very you!” and others have been more general commenting how well I look.

The time spent with Lizzie exceeded my expectations in both the process part of the experience and in the outcomes achieved. An additional bonus was that it was fun too!  As someone who has loathed clothes shopping for the last 5 years, to have found the whole experience fun is almost miraculous.  My friends and family cannot believe my new found enthusiasm for clothes shopping.  But then it's a lot more enjoyable when you know what you are doing.

If I had anything negative to say at all it would be that I wish I had done it years ago! Exhilarating, stress busting, self esteem boosting, image enhancing…. I mean, really?  Whats not to love?!

 Thanks Lizzie, you truly are a Jedi!