I had been feeling a little exasperated with everything to do with clothing. My wardrobe wasn't giving me what I needed, I didn't know where to shop and I didn't know what my style was. I had been considering trying an image consultant for a while, and finally I decided I needed to change and found Lizzie Edwards.

I wanted to find my personal style, as for a while I kept reinventing myself every few months and I just felt I needed to define my style and stick to it. I also had been confused about how to dress for work without losing a sense of playfulness and quirk, but I had no idea where or how to shop for this.

During the wardrobe review, all the items I got rid of only made it clearer that I had been holding onto clothes that either didn't fit or didn't serve me well. It was no wonder I felt I had nothing to wear even when I had a full closet of clothes! I realised how many basic items I had been missing and I became aware of perception of others towards what I chose to wear.  

I learned from Lizzie how I had been undermining myself by wearing inappropriate clothing or clothes in cheap materials. The total overhaul of my wardrobe was actually quite painful as it brought up feelings of guilt over things I bought but never wore, but the best lesson I learned was about honouring my body and honouring myself around other people.

The shopping session was very revealing. I learned that size doesn't matter; before a size 16 pair of trousers would have felt horrifying, but in reality they fit so well and made me feel like a million bucks. I also learned about the styles that suit me, the basics I should be stocking up on, some amazing brands that made me look credible at work and where it's important to spend my money.

I ended up with some fabulous basic pieces that I've now been wearing every single day and I feel so much more confident and at peace with my body. Lizzie gave me the emotional push I needed to face the reality of how I was dressing myself and helped me change my attitude towards my choice of styles and sizing. I now feel that I honour my body a million times better by dressing it with the respect it deserves. 

Following the sessions I feel a confidence I have never experienced before. I honestly feel amazing. I've never felt so comfortable in my own skin. 

It has given me a boost I never realised I needed at work, and I feel much more senior and that my clothes really communicate who I am. In my new job, where I've only been with the team for 4 weeks, I've been offered an international assignment for 6 months to help the business with some major challenges that they trust me to resolve for them. This is the most important stepping stone I've had in my career to date. I've been in total shock mode since this happened.

This has been a useful exercise for my image at work and outside, but it has also been such a valuable lesson for me emotionally about respecting my body and myself and paying attention to myself in ways I've never done. I've grown a great deal from it and I'm very grateful for the experience with Lizzie.