I had recently been promoted to Board level positions in a couple of companies and needed a new look that was smarter and more consistent with that level of seniority, but which still afforded me credibility as a scientist.

I had been wearing jeans, trainers and (gulp) fleeces a lot at work and really needed some help with looking smart, creative and entrepreneurial.

I was quite nervous about the wardrobe review and found some of the preparative work quite challenging, but once Lizzie arrived and we talked I felt much more at ease and actually enjoyed the session. It was quite satisfying seeing a big pile of things that were no longer fit for purpose leaving and making space for the new me. Having a fresh eye looking through my things really helped generate perspective!

I loved the shopping session! It was wonderful to be able to walk into shops, some of which I'd never have gone into alone, and to see that there were things that looked good on. You were wonderful in setting me up in the changing room and then bringing things and it was very exciting to start mixing and matching items as the day went on, seeing a new work me emerge.

I have a smart, creative and entrepreneurial look, which is perfect for my office and my current role.

I feel much more serious at work and very comfortable with my new outfits. It's made waking up and choosing what to wear easy- no more trying on 6 outfits to find something that works. The first thing always does!

Lots of people have commented that I look more serious and last week I had 6 people compliment me on my new shoes within two hours, which has never happened before. It was also wonderful to get some advice on making my hairstyle commensurate with my new clothes. The new cut is wonderful and so much easier to handle.

t's lots of fun and the outcome has been to make weekday dressing as easy as pie. It's probably saved me 15 minutes a day that I used to spend trying to work out what to wear.