After years of wanting some help with refreshing my work and casual clothes, as well as help with sorting through what I had in my wardrobe, my husband bought 2 days with Lizzie as a birthday present. 

We spent one day at my home sorting through my wardrobes, and one day shopping.  
The sessions were immensely therapeutic. It was great having someone go through your wardrobes piece by piece and sort them into piles. Wonderful!

Lizzie’s was the voice that asked all the relevant questions - ‘When was the last time you wore it?’,  ‘It doesn’t quite fit with your style, why did you buy it? ‘Why are you holding onto it if it doesn’t fit?’

I had kept hold of these items as I had paid a lot of money for them and couldn’t quite bring myself to get rid of them. Having Lizzie there made sure I put them in the ‘charity’ pile, and by the end of the day there were 5 large bin bags for the charity shop!

At the end of the sessions, I found that I did have a style that suited me, that it is ok to have a mainly black wardrobe, and that all I had needed was to add some key pieces - namely some ankle boots, skinny jeans, new work trousers and jackets. 

I was also an impulse buyer of tops, and had at least 40 black tops that all looked very similar! I have now stopped impulse buying and I am far more considered and disciplined in what I purchase. 

Working with Lizzie has also taught me to look at new pieces that work and complement what I already have.

I have recommended Lizzie to lots of my friends. It’s worth investing in the expertise of a stylist like Lizzie and it was worth every penny to me.