Like many women, I had lots of clothes in the wardrobe but often felt I had nothing to wear. Increasingly I was getting dressed in the morning feeling OK about how I looked, to come home wondering "Why am I wearing this?!" which resulted in buying more clothes because I felt I had nothing to wear. 

Having ruled out friends to be brutally honest about a style re-vamp, I found Lizzie.

What can I say, Lizzie is fabulous! Not only is she beautiful and stylish, she is friendly, warm and down to earth. I felt instantly at ease with her, we had a great rapport, a mutual love for leopard print and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. 

The wardrobe review was exhausting, both physically and mentally. Lizzie’s honesty and practical approach gave me that push to clear out all those items I was hanging onto because they were expensive, not worn much, not suited to my lifestyle or simply didn’t fit me very well.   Our shopping session was then an opportunity to buy pieces that brought everything together, which is what had been missing all along, as well as some flattering and more versatile items.

Since then I’m mixing up and wearing all the things we bought, and gradually culling more of my old wardrobe.  I have gone shopping, but now I’m focused and always keep Lizzie’s advice in mind.

As with most things in life, we sometimes get a little lost along the way and having someone who can be objective and guide you through a process is often the best way to achieve great results.  Working with Lizzie is an investment, but one that has been very worthwhile and would recommend.