I wanted to change careers and therefore look more professional at work, but I really didn’t like shopping which meant I hadn't been clothes shopping for over a year.
I really warmed to Lizzie on the phone when we discussed what I wanted and even without meeting her I thought she was someone I could easily communicate with. She spoke of the breadth of experience she has without being intimidating.
I really enjoyed her pre session assignment as it helped me visually identify the colours, textures and styles I love before even stepping foot in a shop and establishing exactly what I wanted out of the experience.
I tried on my clothes and Lizzie suggested what went with what and what could be altered, quickly identifying gaps in my wardrobe.
Lizzie identified the items in my existing wardrobe that suited me and my lifestyle, and others that were dated and defining me in a way I didn’t want. I am amazed at how simply organising my wardrobe transformed the way I dress and inspired me to find pieces to compliment my wardrobe.
I felt anxious as I don’t like shopping and crowds and thought Oxford St was going to be mobbed. Lizzie was very patient and helped put me at my ease.
Because she has use of the store's shopping suite, we were able to completely fill a whole rail full of clothes with outfit after outfit for me to try.
I thought we would be hard pushed to find clothes that fit and suit me but nearly everything she chose looked great and it was difficult to cut down on all the lovely things.
Afterwards Lizzie emailed me with other things that would fit in with the clothes I’ve bought and I went out and bought them too!
Since then I’ve been shopping a few times and bought some other clothes that I had reluctantly discarded on the shopping day.
As someone who didn’t like shopping I felt surprisingly calm and positive. I now feel more positive about shopping and have been inspired to look good all the time. It has transformed the way I look and I have an amazing wardrobe of clothes: I have things I can just throw on and look put together just for going to the supermarket, work clothes and going out clothes, my old best clothes are now used to do the gardening!
I wasn’t used to wearing lovely clothes every day and to start with I tentatively wore my new things. As time has gone by I am loving wearing my new clothes and I’m going to get rid of the old 'mumsy' clothes that Lizzie suggested weren’t really me, but weren’t bad enough to throw away 
People keep asking me if I’ve lost weight! I get comments on all the lovely things I wear all the time. I went to a party last weekend wearing the a figure-hugging dress and felt like a million dollars – a woman I’ve never met came up to me and asked me where I got it.  
I’m regularly wearing skinny jeans with pumps. I never thought I would get skinny jeans on let alone look fashionable in them.
Taking pride in my appearance has spilled into other areas of my life: I’ve started booking more beauty treatments and wearing make up and jewellery all the time even for taking the kids to school.
I always used to try and look slim by wearing heels to look taller and ended up with sore feet all the time. Lizzie recommended that I buy a couple of pairs of ballet pumps which go with my outfits and complete the stylish look, and my feet no longer hurt all the time and yet everyone thinks I look slimmer!
I would definitely recommend the experience as it has more than just increased my confidence. The process has made me realise that I was putting everyone else’s needs before my own and didn’t feel I was worth bothering about. Before, I had a make do attitude: I would make do with that old dress for a special night out, but nothing beats the feeling of walking into a party knowing that you look fabulous! 
I had worn out outfits for work saying 'they’ll do', but I soon realised that the clothes I wore to work were hiding my personality. 
Since wearing clothes that express my personality I take more of “me” to work, and have since made several new personal friends there. Feeling I look good in what I wear has now also given me the impetus to change my career!