I was looking to update my wardrobe with clothes that reflected my new physique, and that were more modern and stylish. I also needed a new style to move with my business, as I had more opportunities to attend lunches and networking events but didn't have a suitable wardrobe. 

The specific issue for me was finding a smart but more business-casual look to wear to meetings and events. In my previous life I worked in a very corporate environment, and hadn’t really moved out of thinking that’s the look I needed to wear. I wanted help to find a style that reflected my business and me, but retained the right level of appropriateness for each occasion. 

I knew most of my wardrobe would be ‘recycled’, and indeed it was, but it was done sensitively. The style session, and in particular the questionnaires and tasks that preceded it, was excellent. I felt that Lizzie would arrive already knowing a lot about me and what I was looking for, so it was easy to build trust early on. We spent a lot of time talking about things, so I felt very confident Lizzie understood me and what I wanted to achieve. 

I loved the shopping session, despite hating shopping normally! I handed over responsibility for everything and just stood in a changing cubicle and tried things on. It could not have been easier. 

I now find that accepting invitations to events is easier, because there’s no headache about what I might wear. Inevitably it has lifted my confidence about clothes, and I feel more confident in a room because I know I’m dressed appropriately and with style. I have a full wardrobe of clothes for most occasions, which is a great relief! 

I have had positive comments from other people, which is always nice. I also have an idea of which shops have clothes that suit me. Previously I would walk in, take a quick look round and think ‘nothing here for me’ and leave.

I would definitely recommend working with Lizzie. My partner will go through the same process soon. Its worth while as someone else does the thinking and the leg work for you, and takes into account you and your roles in life. It’s always good to have fresh ideas from someone who lives and breathes styling, fashion and corporate identity, even if you take more of an interest in it than I do!