Having spent many mornings staring at the contents of my overflowing wardrobe with an ever increasing sense of despair, I decided it was time to take action. After having 2 children I had lost my sense of style, my interest in clothes, and had fallen in to a rut of convenience clothes shopping via the Internet.

It was really my ‘off duty’ clothes that needed the overhaul. I had found myself wearing the same old clothes, day in day out. In addition to that I didn’t really have the right clothes when going to a nice restaurant, or to meet up with friends.
I found both the at home wardrobe session and shopping session really enjoyable, and a refreshing experience. By the end of the wardrobe review I could really see where I was going wrong and felt excited about going shopping, which was a definite first for me. Lizzie knows the shops like the back of her hand, so there was no aimless wondering around, like I would do on my own.

I now have a number of outfits that I mix and match to suit the occasion. I no longer open my wardrobe with a feeling of dread and grab the same old clothes. 

The end result is definitely more confidence. I can honestly say, hand on heart, in the days that followed the session I have never received so many compliments on what I was wearing!

Initially I felt hesitant in spending this amount of money on myself, but now I see it’s a great investment. It’s taught me what to buy, what not to buy and where to shop, so I have actually saved money and time.

I would absolutely recommend Lizzie. If you have lost your way on the style front and need an image overhaul, then in my opinion this is the way to go. There are plenty of image consultants out there but if you want one who really knows her craft, then she is the one.

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and one that I’m looking forward to doing again in the near future. In fact I’ve already booked another session with Lizzie ready for the season change!