My wardrobe was stuck in a rut and I was fed up of never having anything I felt good in. I wanted to understand what suited me and how I could best utilise my current wardrobe as I am at the age where I felt I needed a transition in my style. 

The wardrobe session was a really useful experience, and I found that I didn’t necessarily need to throw my current wardrobe away but I learnt how to alter and wear things together. It made me realise I already had a lot of the right clothes, but also needed an update. Lizzie clearly saw where the gaps where and it made the shopping session much more focused and we found everything on the list that I needed. 

I didn’t feel any pressure to buy items that didn’t work for me and have found some really good new additions which I wouldn’t have had the confidence to try on before. I feel much more confident in my style. I enjoy shopping more now I know what suits me. 

A personal stylist was a big financial commitment for me and I always told myself it was too expensive. However, I realised I needed help in order to make a change and I would spend the same amount on a holiday that lasts a week, so why not!

In the long term, it’s saving me money as I would have carried on feeling rubbish about what I looked like and buying the wrong things. I now have confidence in my look and that will last a lifetime.

Thank you Lizzie!