I was frustrated that I had lots of clothes, but very few that I wore regularly. I bought things, kept most of them for 'best' and never wore them, yet restricted myself to jeans and T shirts. I also felt that my dress sense no longer matched my age. When it came to 'smart casual' ... well, I had very little in that category. Layer onto that some recent weight gain, and I was definitely lacking in confidence.

After the wardrobe review, I felt like a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I had a whole pile of clothes that were destined for the charity shop - ones I had rarely worn, but didn't have a good reason to part company with.  

Lizzie applied no pressure at all, but sensitively guided me through my wardrobe review and gently challenged my own preconceptions about what did and did not suit me. She helped me understand what colours suited me and this was such a refreshing experience.

The shopping day was so much easier than I had thought. Lizzie had done all the groundwork on shops, and had even booked a room in a department store. I tried on clothes in a bigger space, in my own time, in total privacy without the pressure of a queue of people outside.  

I felt liberated trying on clothes that I thought only suited other people, and looking in the mirror and almost not recognising myself.  Me...in skinny jeans... never thought that would happen!

I ended up with clothes that I knew suited me in styles that I would never have tried on my own, in colours that complemented me, and some great ideas for accessories.  

The outcome is that my wardrobe is no longer bulging at the seams.  When I open the door, I have a whole choice of clothes that I am excited to wear, and none are pushed to the back.  I have clothes to suit every occasion and know how I can dress something up or down.  

I have already diarised to contact Lizzie in September to go shopping for my winter wardrobe.  This will give me the same confidence in my winter wardrobe as I do in my summer one.

I feel my time with Lizzie is a long term investment and incredibly good value. I get benefit from it every day and am so pleased that I took that first step.

I would recommend the 'Lizzie Edwards experience' to anyone who lacks confidence in their wardrobe and their style. I felt completely at ease and only wish that I had done it sooner!