I do not have time to shop - ever.  It's always rushed, last minute and disorganised. I never know what to buy so I fancied having someone to help me buy clothes who would be impartial. I had also recently moved firms and I wanted some new items.

I love that my wardrobe is now organised and I have the same lovely hangers for everything.

I really enjoyed the shopping session.  Having someone just pick things out for me to wear was great, and Lizzie picked things I would not have picked out for myself.  I liked the fact that she was totally honest and would say "yes that’s great" or "no not really".  A shop assistant is always inclined to say everything looks fine when it just doesn’t.  I liked the little tips she provided about what to wear with what, and where to buy additional items from to pull things together. I learned how a little additional item can totally change an outfit

I now have some gorgeous clothes that I wear a lot - fantastic work dresses, casual clothes and party dresses - real mix of gorgeous stuff.

I have started wearing an orange dress I already owned, but which I had refused to wear before as it wasn’t black. Lizzie persuaded me to wear some colour and I now realise it works so well, and so many people have said how good it looks on me.

It's great fun, a real treat and I learned a lot about what suits me what doesn’t and how a small change can change the look of an entire outfit.