I felt I needed some inspiration to make the best of my casual everyday wardrobe as I am a "fashion schizophrenic". I needed to hone my look so I could get out the door without worrying about what I was wearing, and decided to hire a personal stylist.

I loved the frank and forthright wardrobe session where we looked at each item of clothing in my closet and Lizzie's fresh eyes could see if suited me or not. Chucking things out gave me a real sense of freedom!

I loved shopping with Lizzie as she gave me access to so many new brands that I had discounted in the past because I thought they were too "boring". She helped me see how these pieces could be the building blocks of my newly put together wardrobe. 

Now I am happier choosing outfits, for both day and evening, and feel more confident that I leave the house looking stylish and in my own 'look'. 

I feel like I have a whole wardrobe to wear without any "fashion don't"s in it that I can just chuck on and feel great in. I now look at clothes differently when I am shopping, and I can see what might really work for me rather than always looking for a statement piece.

My husband keeps asking if I am wearing new things and I can truthfully say that "this old thing" really is a beautiful piece from my wardrobe, but that I am now wearing in a modern way. 

Lizzie has an innate sense of style as well as a warm and engaging manner. Doing something as personal as going through your wardrobe and shopping for new things could have been embarrassing, but we had a great time laughing at some dreadful mistakes and marvelling at how flattering the right thing can be. 

See you for spring shopping!!!