I was tired of shopping for clothes which on second thoughts never seemed to quite work and I'd end up passing them on or giving them away. What I wore and the image I needed to project through work seemed to be getting further apart.

I feared the clothes I wore were a uniform to hide behind and did not really make the best of my appearance.

I realised I had never really thought about clothes in a creative way and I really enjoyed preparing the mood board. It can feel quite exposing to open up your wardrobe to a stranger but Lizzie put me at my ease with a friendly and professional manner to accurately diagnose the problems.  Importantly she helped me open up to the task and I did not feel judged in any way.

Generally, I don't like shopping but the wardrobe session opened my eyes to the possibilities of trying new ideas and I was genuinely curious to know what Lizzie would suggest. As she knows how the stores work, this eliminated a lot of wasted time and I tried on items I'd normally walk past.

After a single session I had enough items to construct outfits for at least 1 working week and these have been in constant use since.

I am so pleased to break out of the rut! I could have happily prepared a bonfire of the old clothes. It's hard to beak old habits so it is work in progress and I know I can trust Lizzie to guide me honestly. Lizzie helped me to recognise I had spent most of my early life in a school or work uniform and had in fact never had the chance to work out a personal style. That has really stayed with me since the session.

I have received compliments from colleagues and friends and I feel less guilty about paying more attention to my appearance. I learned about different shapes and colours and how to pull an outfit together. I broke old rules and learned new ones for example, about sleeve lengths and how shoes can work in colours I'd have previously dismissed. I know I shop differently now and take things back if they don't work.

I spent a long time working up the courage to do this as it felt indulgent and I didn't know anybody who had used a stylist. I liked Lizzie's website and the testimonials spoke to me so now I see it as a professional investment. Lizzie is a professional and she has skills I don't have.

If you are stuck, a session with Lizzie is liberating both in style and personal growth. Follow her guidance and make the most of the opportunity!