I had had three children and fashion seemed to have moved on during the years of wearing maternity clothes. Most of my wardrobe felt out of date, tatty, ill fitting or worn out. I kept buying things but because I wasn't being strategic, I'd buy the same thing over and over and still feel like I had nothing to wear. Needed a new look urgently. 

Lizzie was very relaxed and easy to work with. Although she went through my wardrobe with ruthless efficiency, she was kind not cruel so it didn't feel as exposing as you'd imagine. It was great to have someone helping you let go of those items you're sentimentally hanging onto when they've definitely past their sell by date. She also advised having a few items taken in or repaired to give them a new lease of life, and gave me new confidence in items I wasn't sure still worked. She helped me bring stuff back into use, and get rid of the stuff that was not working.

Lizzie suggested I bought new hangers and can now fit twice as much in my wardrobe and actually SEE what I have. It's been a revelation opening my wardrobe and actually liking what I have. Its great being able to see the different things that go with each other, and know I have literally dozens of outfits I could happily wear. I'm confident I won't need to buy new stuff for quite some time, so I'm seeing this as a GOOD use of my money, rather than an extravagance. 

I was nervous about the shopping as I usually find dragging round the shops exhausting and depressing. But with Lizzie it was a breeze, and not even tiring. She went straight to the best trousers, tops etc. because she knows what's out there. There's not a lot of time wasted on faffing and browsing. Also it was a delight to be in a cubicle and have Lizzie bring things in different colours and sizes. She magically picked things that suited me and nearly everything I tried on I loved and bought. Shopping has never been such a pleasure!

It's a revelation to walk out of the door day after day feeling so good! I'd never have the confidence to buy so much in one go, but I can see now that this is exactly how one should shop. You then have a wardrobe that works and will last. So much better than buying 1 top, wearing it to death for 2 months and then having to find something else when it wears out. Lizzie didn't push me into radically different look or style but she's given me enormous confidence when I do need to shop myself that I won't make so many mistakes in the future. I did get some shoes which were outside my comfort zone and they have been a huge success!

The most significant results have been the deep pleasure at feeling good in my clothes everyday. It's amazing how much difference this can make to one's sense of wellbeing and satisfaction with life. Its been a big boost to my confidence as a result, and a lifting of stress from this area which has been a disaster for so long. I love my new clothes and the tidy wardrobe too.