I've always found shopping stressful and getting dressed to go to work a challenge. A promotion meant I really had to do something about my look, smarten up and increase my confidence for business meetings and leading change in the organisation.
I needed an objective view on my body shape and guidance on where and how to shop. I needed work clothes that are smart and professional, but not out of place in Shoreditch! 
I was anxious about the sessions but our initial phone chat was reassuring and the preparation exercises useful. Lizzie was direct, yet friendly and professional, and both sessions were also fun. Talking to her is more like coaching than anything to do with clothes - as well as getting to know me she helped me think about my personal style in relation to the brand I represent at work and the image I want to project. 
It was a relief to rid my wardrobe of old, inappropriate stuff and send it off to the charity shop. She was full of tips on how to make the most of the few good things I had.
Our day out shopping was full on but I enjoyed being in Lizzie's capable hands and trying on loads of things I wouldn't have picked up myself. Seeing Lizzie swoop round the shop, deal with changing rooms and shop staff helped show me how to shop. We bought a lot of stuff to rebuild my wardrobe and make sure I had an outfit to wear for an important meeting the next day. 
I've found shopping intimidating in the past but her confidence rubbed off on me and I have since shopped better. Her advice has stayed with me - I roll up my sleeves for an elegant wrist, I steer clear of things that are too long or slouchy and am now sold on skinny jeans. 
The whole process with Lizzie wasn't just about shopping, it was about my self image, my ambitions and my career. I got new clothes but also new confidence.
Hiring Lizzie is good value as she really knows her stuff, she gets to know you, makes you feel at ease, is fun to work with and gives a lot of support throughout the process. 
We didn't get to the upper end of my budget in our shopping session, as Lizzie selected good high street shops with a few choice buys that were worth spending more money on. Plus, I won't waste money in future on panic buys or unflattering gear!
I would definitely recommend Lizzie as she has changed the way I think about myself and what I wear, and I'll continue to feel the benefits of this investment.