My husband thought my wardrobe was letting me down professionally – plus he was so tired of my complaining I had ‘nothing to wear’ so he booked me with Lizzie as a birthday present.

We recently moved to London after 5 years in emerging markets so my clothes were horribly out of date, and just not appropriate for London.  I also wanted to find a new way of dressing – giving up my old banker suits and finding a look that was more contemporary but still fitting for a 45 year old in finance.  Plus it had to be comfortable or I would let it rot in the closet.

The wardrobe session was a bit of a shocker – almost nothing survived!  However, seeing my work clothes through Lizzie’s eyes I realised how bad it really was (let’s face it – if your husband who really only cares about wine and golf is pushing for a change in your work wardrobe then you really have hit rock bottom…).  But instead of it being depressing, I was excited as she had great ideas and a real understanding of me and what I was looking for – even if I didn’t really know myself what that was except at a conceptual level.

The shopping session was so fun - trying on all these styles I would never have picked out but that really worked.  And such a luxury to have a professional eye just tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no’. 

I am tall and can be hard to fit but this didn’t phase Lizzie at all – she knew the brands that would cut long and what would suit not only my body but my taste level. We even found pieces which travel well so whether London, Paris, New York – I can look good.  Lizzie is productive but doesn’t make it a chore and it was a lot of fun even for this reluctant shopper.    

 It is now such a pleasure to open up the closet, pick out gorgeous clothes, and start the day in a positive way.

I can’t believe I am saying this - as my appearance is basically the last thing I think about in my busy life as a working mum – but it really has made me feel happier and more confident.  I have had so many positive comments, it's really surprised me how much people pay attention to how I look.  It was an experiment for me, but I’ve now learned that if you put on – let’s say a power Armani dress - 10 years comes off and you walk a little straighter, a little prouder.  

In my professional life I surround myself with the best talent when I need help – from executives to lawyers to accountants.  I have learned that although I thought it was a bit ridiculous at first (hiring a professional to help me clothe myself?!  Please…) the same holds true in your private life.  Looking back, I really needed a push and an expert.  So thanks hubby and a big thanks to Lizzie who is the best in the game.  

It's 100 percent worth the investment – not only on the clothes but also on yourself.  Not everyone is the disaster zone I was but I’m sure everyone would find it transformational.  Lizzie truly is an expert in her field. 

THANK YOU!!!  (and see you next season….)