I wanted Lizzie’s help for two reasons. Firstly, because my job is full of contradictions - I work in a creative environment but I meet a lot of senior clients; I can easily wear jeans during the day but then I might need to go to a private dining dinner or awards event in the evening. 

Second, and more importantly, I’d also been through a period of five years of living on a very low income, which in terms of my wardrobe meant that my existing clothes had all been worn to death. 

When my working life changed and my financial situation improved, it had been so long since I shopped that replenishing my wardrobe felt like a chore rather than a joy. I didn’t know where to start and was afraid of making expensive mistakes. I also decided that I wanted a treat and working with Lizzie sounded fun!

It was. She went through my existing wardrobe like a knife through butter and very kindly made it clear that we had a job ahead of us as I needed “quantity and quality”. 

By the end of our shopping day together, I had spent a lot of money (a lot!) but I have a wardrobe that gives me pleasure, that ticks all of the boxes we’d set out to tick and also presents the image I need to be presenting. 


Lizzie pushed me outside my 5-years-out-of-date comfort zone, which was what I wanted, and she crafted a new outward vision for myself that was built on everything she’d found out about me. So me, but a more sartorially organised, modern and chic me.

The biggest surprises to me were a couple of the styles that I ended up with - looser fit and more modern shapes to coats and dresses than I thought suited me. She also encouraged me to buy a little jacket, that I didn’t even think I liked very much on the day, that has turned out to be marvellous in my wardrobe and I love wearing!

It’s been three months since I worked with Lizzie and the effect on my life has been wonderful. It’s mentally free-ing and a pleasure to wake up in the morning and know that whatever my calendar is throwing at me, I’ll have something suitable and stylish to wear.