I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe and align my image with my progressing seniority in the work place. I needed to up the quality of my clothes and how they fitted, so that I could confidently turn up to any event with a sophisticated finish.  

The sessions were thorough and have prompted me to address other areas of my image in a positive way. I loved that Lizzie didn’t let me settle for second best. It would have been easy to just throw money at “expensive” items and be done, but she was rigorous about challenging fit, flow, appropriateness and signalling to an excellent standard.

I now feel empowered, and very grateful that I’ve had the chance to work with a true professional. I have much better outfits, and piece of mind that when I’m in a rush I’m still going to look my best without having to think too much about it.  

Since our sessions, I have been invited to Board meetings/C suite meetings on a daily basis, and subsequently to a Board dinner, and I have confidently presented myself in all situations.

I feel the sessions were really good value and would definitely recommend it because Lizzie did more than just pick clothes – she gave a hope and a vision, which translates into endless possibilities for an individual. Performance Excellence! 

I feel that this is part of an ongoing process of self improvement, and Lizzie challenged me in a positive way. Not everyone can do that  - you’re lucky to work with her if you can. Be ready to spend money and be agile with the process.
I’ve no doubt that I will be working with Lizzie by way of update in the future – this is a continual process!