People are more concerned than they need to be over what they consider their body shape issues. Please stop finding fault with your body, and stop labelling it as 'pear' or 'apple'. It is your shape, and it just needs dressing with consideration to what feels and looks good to you. 

Here are some tips to help you dress your body, whatever its shape.

For short necks

You can create the illusion of a longer neck by wearing a V-neck., or wear a collarless jumper or top and create a deep V with a long pendant. Avoid thick polo necks and short necklaces like chokers. If you have long hair, wear your hair up off your neck.

For large busts

Tops, jumpers and blouses with extended or dropped shoulders will create more ease over your bust. Create diagonal lines across a full bust with a crossover, wrap, or diagonal design. Avoid tops with sleeves that end at the same line as the fullest part of the bust.

For large upper arms

Look for tops with raglan or dolman sleeves, which you may know as 'batwing'. They start thinner at the cuff and become wider at the shoulder. Avoid clinging and shiny fabric which will bring more emphasis to the upper arm, or those that have a lot of bulk or stiffness to them.

For thick waists

Looser non-waisted garments better accommodate a thicker waistline. Wear clothing that bypasses the waist such as a longer top or tunic vest over a slim t-shirt. To create the illusion of a waist, wear a blouse or top with a slim belt at the waist, but wear a jacket or cardigan over it. 

For a large tummy

Avoid belts and wear trousers or skirts that don’t have a waistband and sit on the higher part of your hip instead of your waist. Duster coats or light weight blazers in a contrast colour over a loose top elongate the body and draw attention away from the tummy.

For short legs

Choose a high waisted pair of trousers and tuck a top into them to elongate your legs. Add a heel for more length. Avoid wearing garments with dropped waistlines or long jackets or trousers that have big, low pocket details. 3/4 or pushed up sleeves make your legs look longer.  Short jackets are best and avoid medium length jackets that cut the body in half.

If you feel stuck dressing your body, whatever its shape, we are expert professionals and here to help. Please get in touch.