A season can sometimes be overwhelming. Looks seen on the catwalk are so far fetched from what you’d ever be wearing in your everyday life.

If you are looking at the spring magazines, try to hone in on what you are drawn to in an outfit, not the whole thing. It could be a colour, a pattern, a piece, or a texture. Make a mental note to be inspired, but do it your own way.

Here are a few ways to personalise a few of the ongoing trends to suit your own style. 


If you’re used to skinny jeans and tight tops, you might be initially turned off by the voluminous silhouettes of the last few seasons. Give them a chance. Think about trying it out, but cut the volume in half with these tricks.

  • Pair a cropped straight leg black trouser with a sheer oversized top, tunic or dress.
  • Pair an oversized high-waisted trouser with a form fitting, tucked in top. 
  • Consider a top with voluminous sleeves and keep the bottom trousers or skirt fitted. 


There’s a lot of prints around right now. There’s one that’s perfect for you, even if you think wearing solid colours is the safer bet. What resonates with you? Art? Horticulture? Geometrics? Here are some ideas to wear a print.

  •  If you go for a floral print, choose if you want one that’s bold or fine? Do you prefer floral prints to be realistic or abstract? 
  • Try a pop art print blouse with a classic black trouser suit or experiment with an impressionistic sheer print dress.
  • Dots can be fun or formal. If you want a casual weekend look, consider wearing a dotted skirt, a simple t-shirt and trainers. For something more formal, consider a dotted silk blouse to wear with your suit.


Are you overwhelmed by the amount of feathers, tassels, fringe, chains, bows and ruffles around the last few seasons? Pick a detail you like, don't wear them all at once, and it’ll be wearable. Less is more!

  • In footwear, look for a fringe on ankle boots, a tassel on the toes of flats, or ribbon ties on ankle shoes or heels.
  • In handbags, check out feather details on clutches, tassel details on bucket bags, and chunky chain shoulder straps.
  • Small ruffles on dresses or tops is an easy way to add texture to an outfit. 
  • Ties on cuffs are big this season, and if they are not too exaggerated can add some interest to an otherwise plain shirt.

Don't be a slave to them, but a touch of the current trends keep your style up to date and evolving. The most important thing about dressing is that you wear what feels like YOU.

Let me help you stay true to your own authentic style while wearing some new looks this season. Get in touch!