This is the perfect time of year to tackle some wardrobe chores before summer arrives. 

Here are my Top 10 guidelines to create an efficient and well-edited wardrobe. 

  1. Before you start, have you got a full-length mirror? Be sure it’s flattering and give yourself an opportunity to appreciate the outfit you've put together. You’ll also be checking to be sure a hem isn’t falling or a stain isn’t showing up in an item you thought was fine when you put it on. It’s best to catch these things at home before you head to the office.
  2. Hold off redesigning your wardrobe or buying a load of products to help you store more stuff. Editing is the most important first step. Once you’ve edited, you’ll have a better understanding of what you need to store and what you’ll need. 
  3. Many of us fluctuate in weight, but remove any items that are more than one size up or down from what you are currently wearing. Too many unwearable items in your wardrobe is a daily distraction. I promise, you’ll wear more when there are fewer things in your wardrobe when everything in there is ready to wear.
  4. Go item-by-item and remove things that are worn out or damaged. Review everything: shoes, tops, trousers, jackets, coats, and dresses. Next you can go through underwear, pyjamas, jewellery and scarves.
  5. Give the remaining clothes the 'love' test. If something feels out of step with your style or your lifestyle, let it go. Only keep what has vitality to you. Remove everything else, bag it up, and take it to a favourite charity shop this week.
  6. Stay motivated. If this is a huge task because you have numerous wardrobes of clothes, schedule in small chunks of time over the next couple of weeks. The task isn’t daunting when broken into smaller parts.
  7. Put similar items together so they are easier to see and grab. If you have several pairs of jeans, stack them together; in a drawer but preferably on hangers. Organise by colour from dark to light. Hang or fold tops by colour and/or sleeve length. Group trousers together from casual to smart.
  8. A clean, organised and clutter free wardrobe is inviting. Does yours need better lighting? Is it in need of some deep cleaning? Give it a thorough detox and you’ll enjoy opening your wardrobe doors every day.
  9. Get rid of anything that you don't wear that was given or gifted to you that doesn’t fit you or suit your style. Don't hold onto it through guilt. The gift was in the giving, and it's not serving anyone being in your wardrobe if you don't wear or use it. Let it go.
  10. Sound like hard work?! Invite us to help you with this and get your wardrobe ready for the new season. Teamwork makes this less stressful and more fun. I can’t wait to help!