Your personal brand is much more than just the clothing you wear.

It’s the outward manifestation of who you are; your values, skills, work ethic, capability as a professional, background and passions. Good personal branding is authentic and shows that you are confident in the person you are.

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll already know that the best way to communicate confidence without having to say it is with your actions, and one of these actions is dressing well. 

Improving your confidence in the way you dress can change everything you do. As well as helping you feel more confident, it can make all difference to the way the world sees you and as a result, your prospects. Of course, your abilities and you personality are vital to your success, but dressing well makes getting your personal brand across to people much easier.

Get fitted with confidence

Being aware of fit is really important in getting the right message across. Importantly it shows people that you are self aware, an important attribute in business. It also helps in flattering your figure, creating shape and complimenting your body type. Too big trousers, long sleeves or too short skirts can look and feel awkward, and you need to feel comfortable. Clothes mirror the way you feel, so dress well and you'll feel well too.

What image best suits you?

Take some time before going shopping to define your personal image. What you choose must take into account what you want to communicate. Are you a lover of art and design? Are you a technology geek or a computer nerd? Do you need to look approachable or in control? 

You can boost your personal brand by considering what you need to communicate with your daily outfits, as this can change depending on your role and what is required of you that day. Your image much not change drastically though, as it needs to be consistent, constant and congruent. 

Your personal colour palette

Think about the colours you wear. Which colours make your skin glow or your eyes pop. Each colour has a different interaction with your skin tone, eye and hair colour. Colours can make you look fresh and lively or warm and cosy. Or they can make you look sick.

As a general rule of thumb, build your wardrobe from the basics of black, grey, or navy which you can accent with pops of colour in shoes or accessories. The basic colours should make up 80% of your wardrobe, and as your confidence builds you can add more pieces and experiment a little more with colourful versions of your favourite basic items.

Advice for the fashion challenged

If clothing trends and style aren’t your thing, but you realise how important your image and wardrobe are in building your personal brand, I can help you to update your look without changing your authentic style.

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Lizzie Edwards is the leading personal stylist and image consultant in London, working with women over thirty five on their business image and personal brand.