Our professional image is becoming ever more important.

The image we portray to our co-workers and clients sends an important message, and it also has a big impact on the way we feel and the confidence we have to tackle our daily tasks. 

With the increasing importance of professional image is the importance of personal grooming, which makes a huge difference in your overall appearance. Even if you've got your best outfit together and have put on your favourite pair of stylish shoes, another essential part of your overall look is your grooming.

It has taken a while, but I think the UK has finally caught up with New York and Paris in the grooming stakes. Personally, I am not someone who likes people to look overly groomed within an inch of their life, but looking 'well groomed' adds to the impression that you are professional, competent and 'put together'.  It makes you feel good too; I know I feel better after i've had my hair or nails done!

"But it takes too much time!", I can hear you groan. You're wrong. It doesn't have to take up as much time as you may think. There are three main factors to consider, and here are a few ideas of how you can look better groomed, with minimum effort.



It's amazing what a difference nicely polished nails make to your overall look. Having well-manicured hands is essential at all times. My clients complain that finding the time is the issue with getting manicures. 

I suggest investing in a Gel Manicure which will last at least 2-3 weeks. My personal favourite brand is Shellac, as it stays really shiny right till the end. If you have a nude colour it can last even longer.


Make Up

Make-up is transformative. Learning how to apply it well, and having a paired down kit is essential and saves time and energy. It takes a few minutes to apply a bit of shadow, liner and some lip gloss and can make you look strikingly different. The best 'natural looking' brand to learn about makeup from is Bobbie Brown who is known for understated looks, so there is no danger of you looking like someone going to a fancy dress party in the latest shade of glitter green! 

You can also invest in individual false lashes, that look natural but saving time in the morning as you can wake up looking like you have make up on. A half set can last around 3 weeks, and is all you need.



If you have a few important meetings or events in one week, be prepared and it will save you time. Book in for a blow dry early in the week, and invest in a can of Batiste Dry Shampoo to keep your style going all week.

If you like wearing your hair up, avoid the habit of just scraping it up into a ponytail. If you want to do it yourself, get inspired watching YouTube videos. Practice and it gets easier, and in just a few minutes in the office loos, you can transform your look!

Take a little extra time to try out these three simple grooming efforts and you'll see the world of difference. If you're feeling unsure and like you may need help with a little nudge in the right direction, get in touch with us. We can assist you in creating your ideal professional image. Invest in yourself, and you are investing in your career.



Lizzie Edwards is London's leading personal stylist and image consultant for woman over thirty five.