Best nude bra

If there is one item I consider a basic wardrobe essential for any woman, it is a seam free nude bra.

I find many women have many barely worn lacy, colourful but uncomfortable bras cluttering up their drawers. They don't get rid of them as they look pretty, sexy maybe, but are never worn as they just don't work under most clothes. They feel liberated when I encourage them to send them off to the charity shop, and to restock with a few seamless, plain looking wearable bras, that fit and are comfortable.

It goes without saying that your bra needs to be the right size so it fits perfectly, but so many women I meet are wearing the wrong size; usually too small in the cup and too big around the back.

Unfortunately many stores, including Marks and Spencer, still measure bras incorrectly, in my experience. I advise my clients to get fitted at Rigby & Peller if they haven't already done so.

If you haven't been measured recently I really do recommend it. The important thing to note is that at R&P they do not measure, they fit - and there is a difference! There are no tape measures in sight, and you are advised by an expert.

If their bras are not for you, or out of your price range, then armed with the correct information on what size you are you buy your bras elsewhere.

I personally see no reason for white bras at all; they show up under tops, and go grey in the wash. Black is definitely useful for certain darker tops.

But I always insist that every client invests in nude. Over the years I have seen and tried out many, both on myself and my clients.

These are my current 3 of the best recommendations:


Victoria's Secret

Many of my clients look a aghast when I suggest they head to Victoria's Secret to get a bra, as they associate the brand with lace, frills and bright colours rather than great basics. But get past the hoards of teenage girl tourists and head for the t-shirt bras. The assistants are super helpful so grab one to ask to show you where these are. They also do a great wire free option, which is also one of my personal favourites


Calvin Klein

The Seductive Comfort bra has been around for years, is really great quality, very comfortable and comes in a wide range of sizes. It also sells at many department stores such as HoF and John Lewis so is easier to find.


Nubian Skin

This is a fantastic British company whose founder came up with the brilliant idea of creating nude basics for women of colour and different skin tones. They have a range of shades to suit even the darkest and warmest skin shades.


Lizzie Edwards is a a leading personal stylist and image consultant for women over thirty five in London, UK.