Feeling dull and like your look is outdated?

There's nothing like a bit of change to shake things up and feel refreshed. If you're feeling a little flat or bored with your image, there are a few easy ways to add some new life to the way you look.

Here are some fresh and uplifting style tips to try out. They’re affordable too!  

Get your nails done in the season’s new colour

Go through a magazine or search Pinterest and see what colours inspire you. Do you like bright and bold colours or neutral and understated tones? Trying something new will bring about that satisfactory feeling of change. Keeping your nails manicured and always looking good is a great way to appear polished and always put-together. 

Buy a pair of shoes that add character

Who doesn't love a new pair of shoes? Making a change to one of the most important items in any outfit will give you a new bounce in your step. If your style is understated, update your look with an inexpensive shoe that stands out. Try flats or a heel in an animal print, or sneakers in metallic or an unusually bright colour. You'll be able to pair these new shoes with any minimalistic outfit in your wardrobe. 

Update your hairstyle

Your hair plays a huge role in your overall look. If your hair has grown out of its style or is looking unhealthy and damaged, this may be detracting from your efforts towards your personal image. A hair makeover can leave you feeling like a new person. Is it time to find a new hairdresser? Set up a style consultation and be open to new ideas – a new hairstyle is as good as a holiday! 

Get some new glasses

An affordable pair of stylish sunglasses or spectacles can be a quick update to your look. You'll be surprised at the impact that a simple accessory can have on your look. New sunnies will add some flavour to your regular outfits, making them feel like almost entirely new ensembles. Be sure to get a classic pair that won't go out of style with a shape that compliments your face, skin tone and colour palette of your closet. 

Add a new on-trend colour

Although we don't encourage following all the latest trends and becoming a slave to the ever-changing fashions, it is okay to personalise some of the season's trends to suit your style. Try a new trending colour or in-style new patterns and prints. You can pair your new item with more basic elements of your wardrobe. A pop of colour will give you a dash of new life. 

Or do you need a more in-depth style update? 

We can help you transform your personal image and help you build a wardrobe that matches your level of ambition. Get in touch with us to find out more about our wardrobe review sessions, personal shopping sessions and more. 

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