I am not a believer in following trends for the sake of it, but one of the easiest ways you can update your look is to update your sunglasses.

Every year there are a few dominant themes, so it is easy enough to find something modern that suits your personality and of source your face shape. I think its great fun trying on lots of different styles and shapes with my clients, and sometimes it is surprising what ends up suiting best. Next time you get the chance, try on lots of styles, including ones you don't think you would like the shape of.

One of the big looks in sunglasses over the last couple of years has been the flat topped shape, which are my current favourites. Some are large and very fashion forward, but others are more subtle.

Here are my current 3 of The Best Flat Top Sunglasses from across a range of price points:

Top Shop

Code:  22W13LTOR

These light brown acrylic glasses have metal arms, and are a great way to try out a more fashion forward style at a bargain price of £18. Great if you have a habit of losing your glasses and don't want to shell out for an expensive pair!


Celine CL 41026/S Shadow FU551 Black/Tortoise

These Celine glasses are part tortoiseshell and part black, and this shape started the trend for the D shape, and is much copied. Currently on sale at £192 down from £225

Marc Jacobs

MJ186/S Black Grey 807IR 

Black and straight makes for a very strong look for someone who wants to make a statement. I love these ones from Marc Jacobs, currently available at £116


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